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February 28, 2010

Secure Your Word Press Blog

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 12:26 am

I mentioned a few days ago that Spam Whackers has been Hacked As far as I can tell it was a comment spammer that hacked the blog.

Before you ask the blog was the latest version of Word Press.   So having the latest version installed does not keep you immune from being hacked.

It appears that I was hacked from a old well known vulnerability.  The hackers kept attacking (for lack of a better phrase) the admin log in.

Once I discovered the suspected culprits I banned the IP of the attackers.  Then I added a .htaccess file to the admin folder that only allowed access from allowed IPs.

That is not the best option if you have a dynamic IP like I do,  or if you need to access the admin panel of your blog from a different PC.  However that locks it down fairly quickly.

There are some WP plugins that may help but I haven’t tried them at this time.  I will report on them later.

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