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March 5, 2006

Scum Bag Web Designers

Filed under: Web design Firms — Connie @ 5:52 pm

I posted about this Company a couple of days ago. Then today I found out the post was no longer available.

Somehow it had been deleted. At this point I have no idea if this was due to a glitch with WordPress, or if the Company in question found the post and hacked the forum to delete it.

Either way I’m p***ed. I did not save the original post so I have had to spend a lot of time to get links at what not back together.
Needless to say this rewrite will not be an exact reproduction of the original post. It will get the idea across. If something happens to this post I do have it saved so it will just be a copy and paste it to replace if something mysteriously happens to it.

I was originally made aware of this company due to a post that Anthony Parsons made in his forum in regard to Converged Technologies.

The apparent owner of Converged Technologies e-mailed Anthony, and quite a discussions followed by e-mail.

This webdesign company wanted to be listed in Anthony’s directory with a title a description that implied they were a SEO firm.

Anthony appropriately changed the title and description to reflect webdesign rather than SEO.

The e-mails were signed by Vladimir Miakota who I assume is the owner of the Company.

In one of his responses Vladimir admitted he only wanted the listing for SEO value, and that no other directory they had submitted to had changed their title and description. In the end he filed a charge back against Anthony to get his $10.00 back for the express submission.

What a Jerk.

In looking at the Company website which is totally flash I could not find anything on the site that said they did Search Engine Optimization.

In addition to his original post about this Company Anthony also Started a Poll about this company to see if others thought he had misjudged them and perhaps wrong.

I spent a lot of time looking at their site. Then I looked at Google to see what was displayed. Searching for brings up a cached page that is blank. If you click on the cached text version at the top of the page you will see something entirely different.

I’m not sure what Converged Technologies is doing but it is apparent to me they are trying to Spam the SEs with the use of anchor text that is not appropriate to their site as far as I can tell. It seems to me that they are feeding a page to the SEs that viewers will not see.

Webdesign and SEO involve a lot more than a pretty page, anchor text from a few directories, and delivering different content to the SEs that a viewer will not see.

Whoever you are at Converged Technologies you are nothing more than Spammers and Scammers.

Anthony I congratulate you on making an issue of this.

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