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July 18, 2008


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A .htaccess file is an important tool for webmasters. The file is useful in regard to search engines, but it is also useful in protecting your website. A .htaccess file can only be used on a Apache webserver. If your hosted on a Windows server you will not be able to use a .htaccess file. A lot of what I can do routinely with .htaccess can be done on a Windows server, but It will probably have to be done by the server Administrator.


August 18, 2007

Robots.txt & Webmaster Tools

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Webmaster Tools has an excellent way for any webmaster to see how Google will respond to their robots.txt file. I was using the robots.txt checker today and discovered a couple of things I did not know. (more…)

December 13, 2006

The Value of SEO Tools

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Michael Martinez who is well know in the Search Engine Optimization industry has recently started a new blog SEO Theory . I noticed this morning that he had written about the value of SEO Tools a couple of days ago.

Search engine optimizers love their tools, and for the life of me I don’t know why. Most of the tools I have seen through the years are pretty much duds and losers. The basic SEO tool these days is some sort of backlink checker. If you’re “lucky”, you’ll also get Toolbar PR reports for each link.

Michael does find some value in a limited number of tools, which he names.

He also deals with some ways a person might get an idea about their number of backlinks in Google.

February 28, 2006

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A recent poster at IHY asked about The original post ended up with a Moderator starting a new thread about Seoyourself. sells a Search Engine Optimization tool that guarantees top rankings.

A few excerpts from their pages.

  • Automated Search Engine Submissions
  • Web Site Link Popularity Checker
  • Key Word Density Analyzer
  • Web Page Meta Tag Creator
  • Doorway Page Generator

Then tries to dispel a few myths.

  • Myth- Submitting to FFAs (link pages) will get you banned
  • Myth- Doorway pages will get you banned
  • Myth- Automatic rank checking will get you banned
  • Myth- Submitting to thousands of search engines is a waste of time

This incredible software can be purchase for the small sum of $199. They have an affiliate program which will pay you $49.75 for each customer you refer.

IMHO this is nothing more than another piece of Spam software that will only benefit the seller.

It is similar to WebPosition Gold which Google specifically mentions in the Google Guide Lines for WebMasters

Look under the Basic principles.

Google also comments on doorway page in the Guide Lines under Specific recommendations.

IMHO this site and the software they are promoting is nothing more than crap.

February 17, 2006

Crappy Tools

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I previously posted about tools. Thanks to Doug (AKA ihelpyou) I discovered another one today.

Free SEO Page Generator. This was posted at SEW.
Page Generator then simply generates 1 or 9999 pages in one second and all search engine optimized, with your choice of keywords and search engine optimized text.

At the time I wrote this Marcia is the only Moderator who has responded. Her concerns seem to be about copy write issues, and grammar.

Great. Tomorrow because of that post there will probably be at least 10,000 more spam pages uploaded to the web. More problems for the SEs to figure out.

Those kind of pages may work short term. What about long term? In the end anyone who uses that tool will probably end up being banned.

Why does Search Engine Watch allow such crap? A tool like that will pollute the SERPS and end up hurting those that use the tool.

As a so called leader in the Search Engine industry Danny Sullivan wants to be fair to all. He is a journalist not an SEO and a journalist is always fair. Right?

Unfortunately, his desire to be fair is not always fair.

  • If your critical of Danny or the forum you can get banned (Personal experience)
  • Danny does not care about what happens to the end user. Every end user is responsible to do their own research. If they do something stupid it is there fault.

IMHO Danny is only concerned about those who will bow down to him. He does not care about newbies. He does not care about anyone who will disagree or criticize him.

Unfortunately, Moderators in his forum follow that lead.

Sorry but I have problems when a crappy tool like that is not challenged on any forum by a Mod.

January 26, 2006

Are SEO Tools Ethical?

Filed under: SEO Tools — Connie @ 8:50 pm

A recent thread at SEW in regard to ranking software brought this topic to mind. For the record I think Critter is the only one who provided a good answer to the question in that thread.

The original question was tools that might be better than WPG. Critter pointed out that WPG was specifically named by Google as a tool not to use listed under Quality Guidelines – Basic principles:

The question of SEO Tools comes up occasionally at IHY Forums. People ask about which is the best tool to help them optimize their website. Some are looking for a tool to check for backlinks, check rankings, or to manage backlinks.

There are some basic tools we all use. A text editor, WYSIWYG, or Graphic software. WordTracker is a good for doing keyword research.

Other than basic tools what is the real value of all these other tools?

Most will violate the Guidelines of the SEs. Why do webmasters keep using them?

So IMHO most tools (other than the basics) are not ethical.

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