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July 24, 2008

Blocked IPs

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 6:02 pm

I have posted a list of IPs that have been blocked by my bot trap from July 2007. The list is a work in progress for two reasons. I’m updating the list almost daily. This is the easy part. Initially I only listed the IP and useragent. As time allows I’m adding additional Whois information, such as the IP range, host name, country, and organization. (more…)

July 17, 2008

Bot Traps

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 2:17 pm

Every webmaster should be interested in protecting their website from scrapers and email harvesters.

One tool for securing your site is using a bot trap. If your an experienced programmer you could probably write a better bot trap than the one I use. As someone who is technically challenged like I am you use the best you can find that is fairly simple to implement.


June 5, 2008

List of Bad Bots

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 8:53 pm

I’ve started something new. I’m publishing a list of bots that have disobeyed the robots.txt protocol on my sites. Because a bot is listed does not necessarily mean the bot is bad. It just means the bot did not obey the robots.txt file.

I think one thing that makes my list different from others (more…)

October 24, 2007


Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 10:30 am

Process1 has hit my bot trap 3 different times this month with different IPs so I started doing a little digging. Since October is not quite over I checked the logs for September for the two sites involved. The results were somewhat startling to me.


September 16, 2007

Project Honey Pot

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders,Webmaster Resources — Connie @ 3:57 pm

I first heard about heard about installing Honey Pots (or Honey Traps) on web pages several months ago. I had no idea what that meant. In the context in which the references were made I could tell it was a reference to dealing with bad bots, or spiders. I’m not sure if the people were referring to Project Honey Pot or not. They were programmers who a very capable of developing their own honey pots.


August 28, 2007

Opt-in or Blacklist?

Filed under: Bad Bots,Htaccess,Webmaster Resources — Connie @ 4:50 pm

What do I mean by Opt-in? In short rather than always adding user agents, or IP addresses to your .htaccess file to blacklist them, only allow certain bots, and browsers to access your site. So rather than using the a black list method to prevent unwanted bots, you just white list certain bots. All others will get a 403 error page.


August 27, 2007

Protecting your Site from Scrappers

Filed under: Robots-Spiders,SEO General — Connie @ 4:53 pm

There are a lot of different things a webmaster needs to do to prevent their content from being scrapped. Unfortunately at this time there is no simple solution. One thing I can tell you is this.


August 22, 2007

A List of Some Disobedient Bots

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 9:56 am

All of these bots have got caught in one of my bot trap at least once. Bots like Panscient and Cyveillance have got caught on at least two of my sites. A few of the bots (spiders) listed are legitimate bots, who claim to obey Robots.txt.

August 18, 2007

Robots.txt & Webmaster Tools

Filed under: Robots-Spiders,SEO General,SEO Tools — Connie @ 4:39 pm

Webmaster Tools has an excellent way for any webmaster to see how Google will respond to their robots.txt file. I was using the robots.txt checker today and discovered a couple of things I did not know. (more…)

August 9, 2007

Panscient Data Services

Filed under: Bad Bots,Robots-Spiders — Connie @ 12:57 pm

Panscient Data Services Pty Ltd is a Company in Australia. In the last few days their bot hit my bot trap on two different sites. The IP both times was and the user agent was They are operating from this IP Range. (more…)

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