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July 22, 2008

Digital Point Private Message Spam

Filed under: General — Connie @ 6:51 pm

Digital Point forum is a haven for spammers. A couple of days ago I received a PM that shocked me. (more…)

May 16, 2008

Mahalo Search Engine

Filed under: General — Connie @ 7:56 am

If you’ve not heard of Mahalo it is a fairly new SE. I believe Mahalo was launched a little over a year ago. I raised the question about whether or not Mahalo was Spamming in June of, 2007.

When Mahalo was launched the mission was to be:

Mahalo is the world’s first human-powered search engine at the bottom of the Mahalo home page.

I had not heard anything about Mahalo since the initial discussion that took place on various blogs and forums about Mahalo. That is until today.


April 11, 2008

Where’s the Post?

Filed under: General — Connie @ 5:16 pm

A couple of days ago a member at IHY forums asked “Where’s the Spam Whackers Updates?“.  Though I answered his question there it dawned on me there might be others who are wondering why I have not been posting anything.  Like James you might be wondering if something has happened with Spam-Whackers? (more…)

February 16, 2008

A Flash of Lightning

Filed under: General — Connie @ 10:55 pm

Just sharing a personal experience that happened somewhere around 8:30 PM CST. So give or take it was a couple of hours ago. The weather has been crappy all day but there were no indications that what happened would happen.

Like I do most of the time I was setting at my desk working. In fact I was actually working to update some pages on Condells which I don’t do to often.

Here is what happened. (more…)

February 10, 2008

New Job

Filed under: General — Irony @ 3:05 am

I have found a new job with a Russian web design company called Viscomp. I’ve quit the British company called Magic Web Solutions Ltd. and dropped the Spider Friendly brand.

I’m happy and excited about it. This new job will allow me to expand my knowledge and skills. I’m not going to drop SEO (by no means – it’s become too much a part of me) – but now I’ll be looking a lot more than before into programming, XHTML/CSS, graphic design and other aspects of the web.

One thing about me hasn’t changed though. I’ll still be a spam-whacker :)

December 22, 2007

Filed under: General — Connie @ 8:52 pm is a new blog.  As of this writing I think the author has posted about 6 articles.  The blog owner is  James Lewitzke.   I have no idea who James is.   I can tell you I like the attitude he expressed in his first few articles.  

Is Digital Point Forum a Spammers Haven?

Filed under: General,Search Engine Spam — Connie @ 7:04 pm

Personally I think Digital Point is exactly that. Here is a recent blog post I came across that list 100 Reasons why Digital Point Sucks. Actually I have to thank SEFL (aka Adam) a moderator at IHY forms for discovering this incredible article.


December 15, 2007

A Christmas Letter

Filed under: General — Connie @ 9:12 pm

I received this today. The sender did not openly reveal his/her identity but I believe it was from a dear friend that I went to school with.

Considering the season I thought I would share this Christmas letter. It is only a few more days before a large majority of people around the world will be celebrating Christmas.

What Christmas means to each of us will be defined by our culture, specific religious traditions, and personal beliefs.

There are a lot of points in this letter that should apply to each of us regardless of culture, or religious traditions.


October 1, 2007

What Happened to Spam Whackers?

Filed under: General — Connie @ 4:45 pm

This is a quick update to explain why visitors, and or RSS subscribers have been getting either a 404 error page, or possibly a 500 internal server error for the last few days.


September 27, 2007

IFrame Hack

Filed under: General — Connie @ 11:00 am

It came to my attention a couple of weeks ago that there is a wide spread IFrame hack taking place on the web. This came up in a thread at my webhost in a forum discussion ( registration may be required to read). Unfortunately, even though this hack has been going on for months and is wide spread it has not received a lot of publicity.


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