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February 27, 2010

Has Microsoft Won the Battle against Email Spammesrs

Filed under: E-Mail Spam — Connie @ 11:41 pm

A recent article dated 26 February, 2010 in the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has some interesting information in regard to email spam and Microsoft.


January 24, 2010

File Error Notification

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams — Connie @ 8:16 pm

I received the following email today.

File Error Notification – Instructions To fix File Errors in your Registry:

Your PC may be suffering from serious file errors in your WINDOWS registry which may be the reason why your PC is running so slow, or crashing and freezing from time to time. Also, these can lead to major system problems and possible memory leaks.

Below are instructions that will enable you to Increase Your Computer’s Speed, Power, Stability and Reliability in just a few minutes.

Press below to launch the Diagnostics Test download for no cost at all:

Once again, there are NO OBLIGATIONS for this -FREE OFFER- that includes our -FREE Software-, -FREE Analysis-, -FREE Report- and -24 Hour Support- !

If after completing the -free Diagnostic Test- it is brought to your attention that your computer’s registry does contain file “errors”, then it may be in your computer’s best interest to fix the potentially harmful file errors in your registry.

Press below to launch the Diagnostics Test download now:

I don’t know for sure, but it is probably a spam email to download a Trojan on the PC of the unfortunate users who click on the links.

I do know the email was spam.  The address it was went to only receives spam email.

I couldn’t find any information about this particular email, so I’m guessing it is new.  However I did find a report of a similar email for a “Phishing Scam” in a NYU (New York University) security report from 2006.  You can read about that at in the official NYU  publication.

Never click on links in “Spam Email:.  In fact don’t even click on links in email from institutions you trust, such as a bank or credit card company.

If you need to check out a site use your bookmarks.

January 16, 2010

Fedx Scam

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams — Connie @ 7:36 am

This is a copy of a email I received some time ago.  Not sure why I did not publish it at the time.  I receive email similar to this every week

This is a Scam!!!. They are trying to find out more information about you, or to confirm what little information they have.  Additionally they hope you will send them $120.00.   Unfortunately this type of scam works.


September 13, 2008

ICS Monitoring Team Email Virus

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Viruses/Trojans — Connie @ 8:45 am

The email appears to be from the ICS Monitoring Team. The currant subject is “Your internet access is going to get suspended”. Basically the email says that you have been caught downloading illegal software, or music. (more…)

August 25, 2008

ECard EMail Scam alert

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams,Viruses/Trojans — Connie @ 2:42 pm

This is a ecard scam that is currently making the rounds by email. I’m sure most of us have received an alert from places like BlueMountain or HallMark telling us that someone had sent a ecard and the ecard could be viewed by clicking on a link in the email. If memeory serves me correctly that notice always gives the name of the person sending the ecard. (more…)

August 15, 2008

Another UPS Email Scam

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams,Viruses/Trojans — Connie @ 3:35 pm

This is a message I received July 14th. It appears to be from UPS. Actually I don’t remember reading the email. It should have raised some questions at the time. I came across it yesterday when researching some information for yesterdays post UPS Trojan/Virus is Real.

In the article I posted yesterday the scam email was trying to get you to open an attachment. This one is an attempt to get the user to click on links.


CNN Email Scam

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams,Viruses/Trojans — Connie @ 9:21 am

A few days ago a email surfaced that appeared to be from CNN. Initially the subject of the email was “CNN .com Daily Top 10”. Then the subject started changing. Some of the known new subjects are “CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert”. The email was also contained some snippets of legitimate stories, with a link to click to read the full story.

August 2, 2008

Wall-Mart Email Scam

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams — Connie @ 1:58 pm

This is not a new scam. It first appeared in 2003. Yesterday was the first time I had heard of it when a member of a group I belong to posted some information to the group about the scam. (more…)

June 5, 2008

AdWords Phishing Scam

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Scams — Connie @ 8:24 pm

Thanks to Barry Schwartz (aka rustybrick) for the heads up on this. You should read his post about this Adwords Scam on his blog. For more details take a look at his post.

April 16, 2008 Spam Link Exchange Request

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,Links — Connie @ 7:02 pm

On April 8 I received this email.

Subject: Your link has been added to our site!

Dear Webmaster,

We’re delighted to inform you that your resource has been added to our site! Your resource details are as follows:

TITLE: Kitchen Storage & Organization


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