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February 16, 2008

A Flash of Lightning

Filed under: General — Connie @ 10:55 pm

Just sharing a personal experience that happened somewhere around 8:30 PM CST. So give or take it was a couple of hours ago. The weather has been crappy all day but there were no indications that what happened would happen.

Like I do most of the time I was setting at my desk working. In fact I was actually working to update some pages on Condells which I don’t do to often.

Here is what happened. (more…)

February 10, 2008

New Job

Filed under: General — Irony @ 3:05 am

I have found a new job with a Russian web design company called Viscomp. I’ve quit the British company called Magic Web Solutions Ltd. and dropped the Spider Friendly brand.

I’m happy and excited about it. This new job will allow me to expand my knowledge and skills. I’m not going to drop SEO (by no means – it’s become too much a part of me) – but now I’ll be looking a lot more than before into programming, XHTML/CSS, graphic design and other aspects of the web.

One thing about me hasn’t changed though. I’ll still be a spam-whacker :)

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