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December 28, 2007

Choosing a SEO

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 11:10 pm

Recently I was doing some research on some Companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization. I had never put together any kind of formal list in what I would look for in choosing a SEO, but as the research developed I begin jotting down ideas.


December 22, 2007

Filed under: General — Connie @ 8:52 pm is a new blog.  As of this writing I think the author has posted about 6 articles.  The blog owner is  James Lewitzke.   I have no idea who James is.   I can tell you I like the attitude he expressed in his first few articles.  

Is Digital Point Forum a Spammers Haven?

Filed under: General,Search Engine Spam — Connie @ 7:04 pm

Personally I think Digital Point is exactly that. Here is a recent blog post I came across that list 100 Reasons why Digital Point Sucks. Actually I have to thank SEFL (aka Adam) a moderator at IHY forms for discovering this incredible article.


December 17, 2007

Blog Spammers

Filed under: Blog Spam — Connie @ 5:53 pm

In the last few months since I quit requiring registration to comment, the registration has increased. They register but do not comment. Most of the registrations come from a .ru TLD. I think that is Russia but not sure.


December 15, 2007

A Christmas Letter

Filed under: General — Connie @ 9:12 pm

I received this today. The sender did not openly reveal his/her identity but I believe it was from a dear friend that I went to school with.

Considering the season I thought I would share this Christmas letter. It is only a few more days before a large majority of people around the world will be celebrating Christmas.

What Christmas means to each of us will be defined by our culture, specific religious traditions, and personal beliefs.

There are a lot of points in this letter that should apply to each of us regardless of culture, or religious traditions.


December 2, 2007

Is Google Evil?

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 7:44 pm

It seems like over the last several months there have been more and more blog articles, and forum post talking about how “Evil Google” is.

The sources of some of these comments have not been surprising. What has been surprising is that a few people that I believe to be “White Hat” SEOs, and would personally  do nothing to game the engines have seen to have gotten on board with the “Google is Evil” crowd.

I think this is a good example from Michael Martinez’s  SEO Theory blog: “Where To Buy Pagerank Passing Links“.

Google’s distasteful and unethical crusade against the undisclosed buying and selling of links (a perfectly legitimate practice that has been in existence since before Google existed) has brought their most glaring algorithmic vulnerability to the forefront of many SEO discussions.

I don’t completely agree with Google on paid links. However, I understand what led them to their position.  As much as I respect Michael I certainly disagree with him on a few of these issues.

I have to ask?

What is unethical or distasteful about Googles position on paid links? Google put out warnings for several years (Webmaster Centeral Blog Information About Buying and Selling Links That Pass Page Rank) about their position on paid links. Read a little moore on Matt’s personal blog (Selling Links That Pass Page Rank).


Then when Google really starts to crack down everyone acts as if their surprised. Google is now the evil engine because they are taking a more active approach against those who want to game the results using paid links.

Michael also likes to bitch about Google no longer showing supplemental listings. I might rephrase that by saying they no longer make a distinction in the SERPS. In addition to the article I linked to you can find several of his recent articles that complain about the supplemental listings.

As far as I know Google is the only SE that ever Showed a URL as a supplemental listing. That does not mean that others don’t have some kind of supplemental index. It only means that Google was the only SE to acknowledge the supplemental. Then when they quit showing which pages were in the supplemental index webmasters started hollering fowl play.

If a SE provides us with some unique information, are they suddenly immoral when they decide not to provide that information any longer?

Not in my opinion.

Again just my opinion, but I think what Google is doing is to protect themselves from evil webmasters. If it were not for evil webmasters who want to game the system, Google would probably never have implemented a lot of things that they have.

Google is not Evil. Google is simply trying to protect their own property.

If you don’t want any free traffic from Google. If you don’t want to contribute to their property there is a simple solution.

You can add this

(User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /) to a robots.txt file and Google will leave you alone.

A lot of popular webmasters want to talk about Google being Evil. In my opinion is is Webmasters that are Evil. Google is on the defensive in trying to protect their SERPS.

I’m I evil because I have locks on my doors? I think not. It is those who want to beat the system that forces me to have locks on my doors.

If people were all hones there would be no murders. ?There would be no need for policemen, or jails.

To make me out as evil because I want to protect my own property against those who do not want to abide by the rules is absurd to me.

To say Google is evil because they are taking steps to protect their property is equally absurd.

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