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November 20, 2007

Is Aaron Wall (aka SEO Book) a Spammer?

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For the last few months Aaron has been bad mouthing Google. It seems to me that Aaron has become an evangelist for the “Google is Evil” camp (church).

A few days ago Matt Cutts responded to Aaron on his blog. In fact Matt asked his readers in a poll how he should respond to Aaron’s latest accusations against Google. The majority of Matt’s readers thought he should respond in some way to Aarons accusations.

I agree.

Frankly what amazes me is that someone like Aaron Wall can have such a following in the world of SEO, that a Google Engineer would even be concerned about Aarons articles.

Furthermore it amazes me that people like Danny Sullivan would constantly give Aaron a platform to promote his crap. Of course these days Danny is promoting crap to, so I guess it is no surprise that he would provide a platform to other promoters of crap.
For background you need to read at least these articles.

Matt Cutts recently posted a pole asking whether he should respond to a couple of guest articles that Aaron Wall (aka SEO Book) had written. I believe the consensus of those who participated in the pole was that he should respond in some way.

I think this comment pretty well sums up Matt’s position.

The short answer is that Aaron obtained and promoted a domain in ways that Google considers blackhat, then combined/intertwined that spammy domain with a more legitimate domain. When Google detected the stuff that we considered spam, we took action against both domains.

I’ve read a lot of crap that Aaron has written over the years. Like many others in the SEO industry he wants to promote himself as a whitehat SEO.

It seems to me that Aaron is constantly promoteing ways to deceive the SEs (at least Google).

It’s just my opinion, but I think people like Aaron Walls, Danny Sullivan, Jill Whalen, and a few other so called “White Hat SEOs”  do more to hurt the reputation of the SEO industry, than they help.

November 2, 2007

Good and Bad Clients: an SEO’s Point of View

Filed under: Articles by Irony,SEO General — Irony @ 6:47 am

I have been in this industry for a few years now and I have had everything that goes with it: good experience and bad experience, joy and disappointment, days of frustration and hours of glory. I have worked with all different kinds of clients and provided very different packages, always tailored to the situation and to the client’s wishes. Most of those people are remembered for positive reasons with a few notable exceptions.


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