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July 28, 2007

Is the US Government Useing Bots?

Filed under: Bad Bots — Connie @ 5:43 pm

Something I noticed from my logs today on one site. The request was for non existent files. The request appears to be from the US Government.


July 27, 2007

TinyMCE Plugin

Filed under: WordPress — Connie @ 3:27 pm

I just installed the TinyMCE plugin. It’s a great improvement to the standard text editor that comes with WP by default. For Authors TinyMCE gives you a lot of options when writing your articles. Thanks Michael K. Bergman for this plugin.


July 26, 2007

Upgraded WordPress to 2.2.1

Filed under: General,WordPress — Connie @ 8:32 pm

I spent the last couple of hours upgrading WP from 2.03 to the latest version of WP 2.2.1. Why did it take so long? I’m on a dial up connection. Hopefully the upgrade is fine. I still have to check it out along with some of the plugins.


July 24, 2007

Hyphens Underscores or Period

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 6:12 pm

Do Hyphens, Underscores or a Period make any difference to SEs? In the past Google at least has treated a underscore as one word. Wood_Widgets would be seen as WoodWidgets. On the other hand Wood-Widgets, or Wood.Widgets would be seen as separate words. Back in 2005 Matt Cutts advised on his blog to use hyphens (dashes) rather than underscores.


Work With Google Online

Filed under: E-Mail Spam,SEO General — Connie @ 12:07 am

This is the subject of emails I’ve been receiving for the last month or so. The subject varies a little and so do the addresses they come from. One thing these emails have in common. You can’t go to the sites home page. For instance the one I got today was from If you just go to you get a unsubscribe page.


July 23, 2007

Googlebot Banned

Filed under: Robots-Spiders,SEO General — Connie @ 7:15 pm

I installed a bot trap on Spam-Whackers today. Actually I thought I had installed the trap a couple of weeks ago. I guess I missed this site when installing on my other sites.

What is a bot trap?


July 20, 2007

Registration No Longer Required

Filed under: General — Connie @ 8:18 am

I’ve decided to remove the requirement to register in order to comment for the time being. I started requiring registration because a couple of people were commenting, but trying to appear as if they were a well known SEO. The comments were made in such a way they were trying to make that SEO appear bad. (more…)

July 11, 2007

Osama Bin-Laden Virus Fact or Fiction

Filed under: General — Connie @ 10:30 am

I received this email from a good friend yesterday. The subject of the e-mail was Warning….READ THIS.. The e-mail contains a warning about a new virus that is going around. The email is only partially true, and has some information that is downright wrong. (more…)

July 9, 2007

Just for Grins Grasshopper

Filed under: General,Humor — Connie @ 5:37 pm

Believe it or not sometimes I post something that is not related to SEs, or Spam. This is one of those times. I think everyone needs a little humor in their day.

There are some good points in this post. Some of them are worth considering


July 2, 2007

Bad Bots

Filed under: Bad Bots — Connie @ 5:59 pm

I’m going to start publishing a list of Bots that I think webmasters should block. You will not get as much detail from me about bad bots as you would get from Bill (IncrediBILL’s Random Rants). Bill is probably more knowledgeable about bad bots, and how to find them than anyone on the Internet today. Bill does use some strong language at times. If your sensitive to some 4 letter words, you may not want to look at his blog. 😀

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