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June 30, 2007

Recommended SEOs

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 6:44 pm

For those who do not know Doug Heil (aka ihelpyou) he is probably the most outspoken “white hat” SEO you will ever hear of, or encounter on the web.

Doug is a SEO. His website is Recently Doug published a list of SEOs that he recommends on his website. I believe Doug has personally reviewed each SEO or Company that he is recommending.


June 28, 2007

Hidden Links

Filed under: Links — Connie @ 3:18 pm

There is a discussion at at IHY Forums in this thread “Jason Calacanis – He Hates SEO’s” that really revolves around a new Search Engine (Malaho) that Jason recently launched. A lot of the discussion is in regard to a certain type of hidden link that Malaho is using.

In particular the subject of hidden links has come up, as well as some other problems with new SE.


June 26, 2007

Threadwatch is Shutting Down

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 10:13 am

Aaron Wall (aka seobook) announced to the readers of TW that he is Closing Threadwatch This Friday.

I hate to do this, but this Friday I am closing Threadwatch. I don’t think the site died at any specific point, it has been more of a process, which I will outline below:


June 25, 2007

About Spam-Whackers

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 1:59 pm

Spam Whackers is a personal project. I hate all forms of web spam. So the main purpose of Spam-Whackers is to expose, or provide tips in regard to web spam. When I refer to web spam, I’m talking about e-mail spam, or attempts to deceive the SEs to increase a websites rankings.

In addition to my war on Spam you will find Articles and Tips that may help you optimize your site for the SEs.

I’m not a writer and I’m not a SEO, but I hope you will find the information on Spam-Whackers to be beneficial.

Connie’s Profile

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 1:31 pm

Authors: Connie Shelton and Irina Ponomareva (aka Irony).

In spite of my name (Connie) I’m a 63 year old man, not a woman. I’m not a Web Designer or a SEO expert. I’m certainly not a writer.

This blog was born out of some of my personal frustrations and experiences over the last few years.I have had an e-commerce site since early 2000.

In 2004 I started looking into Search Engine Optimization. Like most people I started reading in various SEO related forums. After a few months I realized that much of the information I was reading on sites, and in forums about SEO was old, or just plain wrong at least according to my “Gut Feeling”.

I even tried a few things that I read even though my instincts told me they were wrong. In my quest for information I finally came across IHelpYou Forum. I personally think IHelpYou is the best there is on the Internet in regard to SEO. Since my journey begin in 2004 I have read and participated in a lot of forums. Believe me IHY is the best.

Irony’s Profile

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 12:51 pm

Authors: Connie Shelton and Irina Ponomareva (aka Irony):

About Irina Ponomareva. I’m a Russian, I used to work for a British business, doing SEO for clients since 2004. Later, I found a job with a Russian web design company named Viscomp and offering high quality web design and advanced PHP and ASP.NET development.

Connie and I have been friends for a few years. We are both moderators and big fans of the IHY SEO forums, though we initially met elsewhere. Now we are running Spam Whackers together to spread the word about ethical SEO as far as we can.

Finally, a little bit of personal stuff. I live in Saratov (a large Russian city on the bank of the Volga). I’m married and have a little daughter. Apart from SEO and Webdesign, my main hobbies are Formula 1, aquarium fish and reading English books in original.

June 21, 2007

SEO Is Not Bullshit

Filed under: SEO General — Irony @ 8:11 am

I think I need to write this to get it off my chest, before it burns me from the inside. “SEO is bullshit” is gradually becoming a popular point of view, and I keep hearing it here and there (sadly, even from the best of the best of my friends). Being an SEO (and proudly so) I just need to say… no… YELL that I disagree with this stance strongly, and explain why.


June 20, 2007

I’m Experimenting

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 9:14 pm

I just discovered today how to display a snippet only of an article on the main page. You do this by using the more, or split post button in the editor. So I’m experimenting with that. If you have an opinion one way or the other I would be glad to hear from you as a user. Search Engines can bring you traffic, but it takes users who keep coming back to make a site successful. (more…)

Is Spamming?

Filed under: Search Engine Spam — Connie @ 5:32 pm

I started this article about Mahalo Spamming several days ago. Then I got side tracked. I think it is time to finish it. (more…)

June 14, 2007

Vanessa Fox Leaves Google

Filed under: SEO General — Connie @ 4:22 pm

Vanessa Fox announced on her personal blog today that she was leaving Google. For those who may not know Vanessa has headed up the Google Webmaster Central team for the last couple of years.


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