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February 28, 2006

Key Word Density

Filed under: General — Connie @ 10:19 pm

The first SEO myth I referred to is Key Word Density. How important is Key Word Density?

IMHO I don’t think it matters. One exception. If you have 40 words on a page and 20 of them are your keywords, then I think you have problems.

In my early days of looking at SEO for some reason I came across a lot of free tool sites that offered keyword density checkers. All of them if I remember correctly offered ranges of density.

The suggested density was somewhere between 4% and 10%.

When I checked a page none of them returned the same results. Why not? Because no one knows exactly what keyword density is IMHO. No one knows exactly what importance the SEs place on keyword density.

Frankly no one knows how to accurately figure key word density

A lot of people have opinions. But, they are just that. Opinions.

Keyword density may be important, but no one can give you an exact percentage for any page or any industry. Further more, no one can really tell you how to calculate keyword density.

Instead of wasting your time in trying to figure out keyword density, why not write a web page that makes sense to your visitors.

IMHO if a page is written for your visitors, the keyword density will probably be fine.

Filed under: SEO Tools — Connie @ 9:19 pm

A recent poster at IHY asked about The original post ended up with a Moderator starting a new thread about Seoyourself. sells a Search Engine Optimization tool that guarantees top rankings.

A few excerpts from their pages.

  • Automated Search Engine Submissions
  • Web Site Link Popularity Checker
  • Key Word Density Analyzer
  • Web Page Meta Tag Creator
  • Doorway Page Generator

Then tries to dispel a few myths.

  • Myth- Submitting to FFAs (link pages) will get you banned
  • Myth- Doorway pages will get you banned
  • Myth- Automatic rank checking will get you banned
  • Myth- Submitting to thousands of search engines is a waste of time

This incredible software can be purchase for the small sum of $199. They have an affiliate program which will pay you $49.75 for each customer you refer.

IMHO this is nothing more than another piece of Spam software that will only benefit the seller.

It is similar to WebPosition Gold which Google specifically mentions in the Google Guide Lines for WebMasters

Look under the Basic principles.

Google also comments on doorway page in the Guide Lines under Specific recommendations.

IMHO this site and the software they are promoting is nothing more than crap.

February 27, 2006

SEO Myths

Filed under: General — Connie @ 2:51 pm defines a myth as it would relate to SEO IMHO as

A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology.

For my purposes I would also say that a SEO myth may be something that was true at one time, but is no longer true.

What is the source of SEO myths?

Sites that offer free tools, and also provide tips on SEO. There are 1000s of sites on the web that have have advice about Search Engine Optimization. A lot of the information is old and outdated. It might have been true at one time, but is no longer is.
Other sources for SEO myths are forums and blogs. These myths do a lot of harm to people who are new to Search Engine Optimization.

I say that from my own experience, and based on what I read in forums. Once a individual reads the myths it is often difficult to convince many of them that what they have read is not true.

What are Some Myths? This is not an exhaustive list but things that I see come up in various forms frequently. I plan on dealing with each of these in more detail in the next couple of weeks, and will be adding to the list.

  • Keyword Density
  • Tool Bar Page Rank
  • You need a lot of Backlinks
  • Importance of the keyword meta tag
  • Code validation will improve your rankings
  • Underlined, Bold, and Use H1 tags several times on a page

A friend of mine recently wrote an article that touches on some of these problems and I would encourage every one to read it.

Maintaining Your SEO Knowledge

One of the most important aspects of being an SEO is staying on top of the game. In this industry, more than any other that I can think of at the moment, the rules change on a regular basis. To remain a viable SEO you need access to this information and you need to know it is reliable. You can test and re-test to determine the changes yourself, but this would be a huge undertaking. Fortunately, we have a thriving online community in the SEO space to help you uncover this knowledge. Unfortunately, not everyone in this community follows the same ethical or professional standards. So finding good information can be tricky at times.

The three most basic avenues of information gathering in this field are SEO News sites or Newsletters, SEO Blogs, and most popular of all SEO Forums

One of the reason that things that used to be true are no longer true. They have been abused by Search Engine Optimizers.

February 23, 2006

Googles Web Page Generator

Filed under: General — Connie @ 8:08 pm

Google is now offering a free webpage generator. I haven’t looked at it all that closely. On the surface it seems similar to Geosites without the popups I hope.

Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped has posted quite a bit of information about the generator.

This could be a good thing for new webmasters to experiment with, but I would not recommend it for a permanent website.

It also looks like Google may be providing Spammers a good way to create multiple subdomains to link back to their main website.

Is Google being innovative or are they trying to stay one step ahead of MS?

There has been some discussion about this at IHY forums.

February 22, 2006

SEO Certification

Filed under: Scams — Connie @ 7:08 pm

I’ve been meaning to mention this for several days. SEO Certification sounds like a good idea. A recent poster (mikech) at IHY forums posted looking for beta testers for a SEO certification program he is attempting to provide.

Need SEO certification Beta Testers.

We are offering free membership to You must be a qualified SEO firm/website and be willing to provide extensive feedback. In addition, we are in need of qualified committee members. Please email me if you are interested.

In looking at the website one of the first things that stood out to me was the first sentence on the site. is the worldwide preeminent source of information, education, and certification assessment for the constantly evolving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.

Looking at the member page I can only find 3 members. So who proclaimed this site as the preeminent source of information, education, and certification?

He also posted at Cre8 but was not well received. He made a total of 3 post. 2 were deleted and he was banned.

Initially he was received a little better at IHY, but it became apparent that this was a Scam and he was banned there too.

I think mikech is probably an excellent marketer. Given time he will probably sell a lot of his SEO Certifications if he can get a little visibility on the web.

I hope he never gets that visibility.

There are so many new SEOs who do not know what they are doing that will jump on the chance to have some kind of certification to give them some kind of validity.

Their customers will probably not know the certificate means nothing.

I would equate his certificate with a Doctors degree from a diploma mill. Totally worthless and without meaning.

Although the idea of SEO Certification is great, I don’t think I will ever see a legitimate certification in my lifetime.

January Virus and Spam Statistics

Filed under: E-Mail Spam — Connie @ 5:55 pm

Thanks to my good friend JohnC for making me aware of this report.

January Virus and Spam Statistics: 2006 Starts with a Bang

Four massive virus attacks in January, including a multi-wave attack of 7 variants

The most aggressive attacks penetrated before the average AV solution could even release a signature

According to the report 43% of Spam originates in the US. China seems to be the second source with 12.89%.

PR Web adds Trackbacks

Filed under: General — Connie @ 5:03 pm

This was posted today by seobook at TW.

PR Web Offers More Spam Per Release!

Just when you thought press releases couldn’t get any spammier, PRWeb surprises you by adding trackbacks to their press releases.

From PR Web

“PRWeb’s decision to allow TrackBacks is a strategic move for its customers. ‘We could have chosen to allow users to comment on the press release page but felt that it is more valuable to both our users and the blogging community to encourage dialogue outside the press release in the dialogue-rich blogosphere,’ added PRWeb’s Executive Vice President Mick Jolly.”

What does this mean? When I first read what seobook said, and a comment by Jill, I wondered why they were referring to this as Spam?

I have heard the term but really did not know what it meant. So I went Googleing. After reading dozens of explanations, I think one of the best was at Wikipedia.

TrackBack is a mechanism used in a blog to show, around an entry, a list of other blogs that refer to it.

As I understand it using trackbacks is a way for a blog to create links to itself from another source that also uses trackback.

Again based on my understanding the fact that PR Web has added trackback functionality to their press releases is not Spam. A lot of blogs use this feature for a legitement purpose.

Like many things it can be used by bloggers to create links to their blogs using PR Web press releases. What PR Web has done will undoubtly be used to create spammy backlinks to a blog.

February 21, 2006

Spam Tools

Filed under: Search Engine Spam — Connie @ 8:19 pm

There was a recent post at SEW in the beta testing forum that has created quite a stir. The title was Free SEO Page Generator.
Unfortunately two very good post by Jill Whalen have been deleted, and now the thread has been closed, by none other that Danny Sullivan.

Why did Danny close the thread? My best guess is that he does not want to dispute Spammy software in his forum.

In the last year or so the SEW forum is leaning more and more to the “Dark Side” of SEO. Even in closing the thread Danny was apologetic to the original poster.

Why does someone who creates a Spam piece of software have to be apologized to.

Why do ethical SEOs have to walk on tip toes to be able to post at SEW? Why do ethical SEOs like Jill Whalen have their post deleted?

At IHY forums a thread was split out of another thread to discuss this. Watching SEW.

Danny Sullivan or SEW do not care about who may be hurt by post in that forum IMHO. Danny is only concerned about increasing his popularity in the SEO community.

That means being accepted by the “Black Hat” un-ethical community.

All I can say is I hope SEW fails. Although you can still find some useful information there, the average newbie will not be able to sort the wheat from the chafe.

February 17, 2006

Professional Ethics in SEO

Filed under: Search Engine Spam — Blue @ 10:58 pm

Professional Ethics in SEO

At the time of this writing there is a complete lack of accountability for professional ethics in the Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO/SEM) industry!

This is a travesty. There are just too many webmasters and website owners who are being hurt and cheated by this sorely lacking entity.

Time and time again, on the many forums I frequent as well as with clients that contact me for their website needs, I see the evidence of those lacking in professional ethics having left their mark on the innocent or gullible.

The prevalence of these shysters and simply uncaring souls is astounding. And what is even more astounding is the seemingly complete lack our so-called industry leaders have of even caring that this travesty is going on much less doing anything about it.

On the contrary, many of the SEO industries leaders actively and openly promote and support the professionally unethical. They do this by confusing issues; by providing a platform for the furtherance of those that are professionally unethical; by the act of not taking a stance.

This simple act of not taking a stance is probably the single most harmful issue concerning the best practices of professional ethics in our industry. Combine this with actively providing platforms for the professionally unethical to spread their wares and you have the deadly one-two knockout punch.

Personally, I abhor not only those that are professionally unethical, but those that allow the professionally unethical to further their cause – which is simply greed.
I propose that all concerned, both within the industry and without, take an ACTIVE stance in regards to fighting against those whom are either professionally unethical or are providing ways and means for these scumbags to make further inroads.

Further, I strongly suggest that we whom have been dubbed “whitehats” start seriously taking steps to develop a set of enforceable standards by which all those in the SEO industry must abide.

The lines of demarcation have been drawn. The war is at hand. The end is near for those whom choose to prey upon the innocent or gullible.

Scrapper & or Blog Spam

Filed under: Search Engine Spam — Connie @ 10:51 pm

An interesting thread at HR started out when a new member asked for help.

Optimizing New Content

I recently decided to make some web sites and hopefully make some money from adsesne and affiliate programs as I bet you all do.

I set up few blogs and started to write articles. I also found a good article writer (who get paid less than $4 per article) so I have 3 – 4 new articles per site per week. I also submit them to different articles portal sites (not sure if I am allowed to post thier URLs).

To summarize he wanted to know if 3-4 new articles per week were enough.

In Jills first response she mentioned that what he was doing is Spam. Then Michael Martinez got involved.

Needless to say this is Spam if for no other reason the intent of the person involved. Kudos to HR on this issue. I don’t think the original question was ever answered.

Personally I can’t see any difference in his approach than the Scrapper sites that exist solely for the purpose of AdSense.

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